Off-Campus Research Experiences

To build independence in scientific endeavors, graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to participate in off-campus scientific campaigns. Within Dr. Scime's group, students and postdocs have collaborated with the following institutions:

Goddard Space Flight Center, Paul Keiter
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Matt Balkey
University of Colorado-Boulder, John Kline
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Robert Boivin
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Amy Keesee
Australian National University, Amy Keesee
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Xuan Sun
Naval Research Laboratory, Bob Spangler
Auburn University, Brendan McGeehan
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Brendan McGeehan
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Anna Zaniewski
Princeton University, Costel Biloiu
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Saeid Houshmandyar
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Robert Hardin
General Atomics, Stephanie Sears
Drexel University, Mike Lindon
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Alex Hansen
Institute for Plasma Research - India, Mike Lindon
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Jerry Carr Jr.
University of Tromso - Norway, Alex Hansen
Ball Aerospace, Dustin McCarren
Max Planck Insitute for Plasma Physics, Greifswald Germany, Jerry Carr Jr.
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Justin Elfritz
University of California - San Diego, Dustin McCarren
University of California - San Diego, John McKee
University of California - San Diego, Stephanie Sears
University of Washington - Seattle, Drew Elliott
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne - Switzerland, Derek Thompson
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Thomas Steinberger
Applied Materials - David Caron
Applied Materials - Mitch Paul
National Institute of Standards and Technology -Mikal Dufor
Naval Research Laboratory - Luke Neal
Goddard Space Flight Center - Luke Neal
Goddard Space Flight Center - Derek Thompson