About Dr. Keesee

Dr. Amy Keesee is a Research Associate Professor in the Physics Department at West Virginia University.

My research focuses on ion dynamics in the Earth's magnetosphere. I am a member of the Science Team of the NASA TWINS Mission of Opportunity. Using Energetic Neutral Atom data from TWINS and the MENA instrument on the previous NASA IMAGE Mission, I study ion heating during geomagnetic storms.

I also work in Earl Scime's Lab, using laser-induced fluorescence to understand ions and neutral atoms in helicon source plasmas.

I am developing workshops and a summer course for pre-service and in-service educators to learn about the Sun and Space Weather using iPads through a collaboration with the NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center

I am very involved with the West Virginia Chapter of the Association for Women in Science. I have three young sons and live in Bridgeport, WV where my husband is a hospitalist internal medicine doctor.

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