Group Members


Roxanne Katus

Roxanne received her Ph. D. from the University of Michigan. She conducted statistical studies using TWINS ENA data. She is now an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Eastern Michigan University.

Graduate Students

Justin Elfritz

Justin studied inner magnetospheric dynamics through simulations using the Comprehensive Ring Current Model. He compared the model results for simulations using boundary conditions calculated from Energetic Neutral Atom data versus statistical solar wind correlations.
Dr. Elfritz is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam.

Drew Elliott

Drew assisted in the development of an ion spectrometer for microsatellite missions. He received his PhD in 2016.

Evan Aguirre

Evan conducted parametric studies of ion temperatures calculated from energetic neutral atom data as a function of solar wind conditions. He is currently working on laboratory plasma physics with Dr. Scime.

Undergraduate Students
Tessa Maynard

Tessa updated our MENA analysis software and analyzed ion temperature data for a geomagnetic storm. She was supported by the SURE program and a WV Space Grant Scholarship.

Robert Garner

Robert worked to compare calculated ion temperatures to statistical models. He was supported by the SURE program. He has graduated from WVU.

Kyle Krowpman

Kyle worked to compare calculated ion temperatures to statistical models.

Interested Students
Projects are available for interested students. Please contact Dr. Keesee if you are interested in space plasma physics.