Sun and Space Weather Summer Course

Welcome to the resource page for The Sun and Space Weather Summer Course.
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National Geographic Reading Assignments‐storms/ferris‐text‐storms/nasa‐photography‐solar‐flares‐sun‐storms‐earth‐dangercarrington‐

Reading Selections

1. Here Comes the Sunstorm, Ryan, Tracy. Wall Street Journal (Online) [New York, N.Y] 15 May 2012

2. Rubber Chicken (Camilla) Flies into Solar Radiation Storm;‐flight.html

3. Halloween Storms of 2003 Still the Scariest;

4. Severe Space Weather‐Social and Economic Impacts;

5. Rogue satellite

6. Solar Superstorm

7. Space Weather Quarterly

Further Reading

8. Rare Fusion Reactions Probed with Solar Neutrinos

9. Exploring the interface between the Sun’s surface and corona, Kankelborg, Charles, Physics
Today, April 2012

10. Space Science Models, MacNeice et al., Eos, Vol. 93, No. 15, 10 April 2012

11. Why is the Sun’s Corona So Hot? Kerr, Richard, Science, 336, 1 June 2012

Additional Resources

Differentiation Graphic for Implementation Plan Assignment

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