Postdoc Alumni

Dr. Costel Biloiu
Now a Staff Scientist at, Varian Corporation, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Dr. Robert Boivin
Became an Assistant Professor of Physics Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Dr. Ray Fermo
Now a postdoc at University of Alabama, Huntsville

Dr. Herbert Gunell
Now in Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Alex Hansen
Now in Arizona

Dr. Amy Keesee
Now a Research Assistant Professor at West Virginia University

Dr. Richard Magee
Now a Research Scientist at TriAlpha Corporation

Dr. Terry Sheridan
Now an Associate Professor of Physics at Ohio Northern University

Dr. Umair Siddiqui
Now Chief Technology Officer at Phase4 Technologies

Dr. Guiding Wang
Now a research physicist at, General Atomics, San Diego, CA

Dr. Michael Zintl
Now a research physicist at Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc. Huntington Beach, CA