Undergraduate Student Alumni

David Hartley - Experimental Investigation of an Electronic Nonlinear Oscillator

Robert McTaggart - An Examination of the Bipolar Motor's Dynamics

Matt Milecchia - The Correlation Dimension of a Nonlinear Electronic Oscillator

Jeremy Richardson - Technique of Modulated-Bias Langmuir Probe for Real-Time Measurement of Plasma Electron Temperature Benchmarked on a Triode Containing Argon Plasma

Allen E. Badeau Jr. - Electron Heat Flux as a Function of Heliographic Latitude: Ulysses Observations

Tom Young - A triple-plasma device for producing double layers of space charge

Jonathan Gaffney (on summer leave from Bethany College) - Much ado about Plasma

Melanie Blackburn

Brian R. Kent -The WVU Small Radio Telescope

Brendan McGeehan - Hall Probes for Plasma Measurements (2004)

Forrest Doss - The CHEWIE facility (2005)

Anna Zaniewski - Neutral Atom Imaging of the Terrestrial Magnetosphere (2005)

Adam Gripper - Neutral Atom Imaging (2006)

Ryan Murphy - Helium ion absorption spectroscopy (2007)

Zane Harvey - Development of a Retarding Field Energy Analyzer (2008)

William Steve Przybysz - Magnetooptic Probe Development (2009)

Justin Ellis - Magnetooptic Probe Development (2009)

Robert Baylor - Microflares (2010)

Robert W. VanDervort - Confocal Laser Induced Fluorescence (2014)

Mark Soderholm - Confocal optics with axicon lenses (2015)

Raphaela Goes de Lima - Electronics for plasma spectrometer (2015)

Christopher Doss - Magnetic Reconnection (2016)