Computerized Plasma Tomography

Experimental Ionospheric Modification

Objective: To measure spatial structures in plasma using tomographic reconstruction methods. The know-how came from the Naval Research Laboratory’s long history of leadership in this field and Dr. Selcher’s PhD dissertation on ionospheric structures reconstructed from total-electron-content data obtained from “beacon-satellite transmitter to ground-receiver” phase shifts.

Significance: Superior to single-path information provided by a single sensor, two- and three-dimensional reconstruction of density structures in plasma helps the understanding of the plasma equilibrium and dynamics and the interpretation of the plasma properties from other diagnostics.

Long Range Goal: To detect earthquakes in advance, to detect signatures of nuclear explosions in the immediate past, and to detect volumetric structures in high-density laboratory plasma.

Collaborators: Craig Selcher, Paul Bernhart (NRL), Joe Huba (NRL), Mark Koepke, Stephanie Sears