Magnetic Barrier Encounters

Plasmoid Encounter of the Magnetic Barrier

Objective: To measure the evolution and properties of waves arising from a plasmoid penetrating a magnetic barrier (e.g., a sudden direction change of the magnetic field, B).

Significance: When a coronal-mass ejection (plasmoid, sometimes associated with a solar flare) encounters the bow shock of the Earthís magnetosphere (magnetic barrier, associated with the interaction between the Earth and solar wind), instabilities arise at the encounterís interface.

Long Range Goal: To understand the nonlinear behavior of the instabilities for times long after (i.e., many lower-hybrid-wave periods after) first impact.

Collaborators: Jeff Walker, Herbert Gunell, Nils Brenning (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH-Stockholm), Mark Koepke

This experiment will use the WVU Plasma Cannon.

Simulated plasma density during penetration of a magnetic barrier.